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Religious Education


As a Catholic school we seek to reflect the values of the Gospel in everything we do. Our RE Department provides a focus for our students to explore these values through Scripture, Doctrine, Liturgy, and opportunities for personal reflection. We aim to help all students develop an awareness of religious and cultural diversity through the study of the major world religions.

Religion is a life skill as well as a belief. We encourage decision-making, an appreciation of self, discovery of talents and a study of relationships. We offer our young people a belief in their own worth – independent of success or failure and offer them opportunities to reflect on their place in the world as highly valued members of God’s creation.

Year 7

Students follow the ICONS programme of study including: The Living Church, Christ the Light and Becoming Fully Human.

Year 8

Students follow the ICONS programme of study including: Life times, Living History and Here in this Place.

Year 9

Students follow the ICONS programme of study including: Faith Challenges, At the Heart of Belief and A Vision for Living.


Students follow the 2016 Edexcel Specification A – Faith and Practice in the 21st Century. Catholic Christianity (75%) & Judaism (25%).

  • Paper 1- Study of Religion-Catholic Christianity - Beliefs and teachings/Practice/Sources of wisdom and authority/Forms of expression and ways of life.
  • Paper 2-Study of Second religion - Beliefs and teachings /Practice
  • Paper 3- Philosophy and Ethics - Catholic Christianity - Arguments for the existence of God / Relationships and families in the 21st century.

Their studies of these topics will continue next year when they move up to Year 11.