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Modern Foreign Languages


French and Spanish are taught to GCSE.  Students can be entered in any home languages where a GCSE is available from the exam boards in Year 11, but will not receive tuition from the school.

Our main aim is to provide students with as wide an experience in languages as possible.

Year 7

All students start with French by learning how to introduce and describe themselves, then others, and then describe the world around them.  They cover topics such as family, school and home.  They develop a basic understanding of grammar: gender of adjectives, and the basic notions of tenses.  They get to grips with the pronunciation foundations.  Students will also have an opportunity to take part in our traditional exchange with a school in Germany and go on a day trip to Boulogne.

Year 8

In French students extend their vocabulary and reinforce their knowledge of grammar.  They can talk about what they do, are going to do, or did at home or at school, describe their holiday and future plans using three tenses.  They deepen their understanding of how words in a sentence interact with each other (grammar).  They can also take part in our exchange with a school in Germany.

Since 2015 Spanish is offered in Year 8 to some of the pupils.  Topics covered include talking about yourself, school, home and family, where you live and free time activities.

Year 9

All students continue learning French, studying more mature themes as social life, jobs and future.  Students extend and consolidate their writing skills and are able to talk about what they do at school, what they want to do in the future and discuss environmental issues.

Those who started studying Spanish in Year 8 continue in Year 9 by extending their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar using past, present and future tenses.  Topics covered include: films, your birthday, jobs, future plans, healthy lifestyle and world issues.

Year 10 and Year 11

These 2 years constitute the GCSE course.  Students in French and Spanish start studying for the Pearson GCSE, when they are assessed at the end of Year 11 in reading, listening, speaking and writing.  Themes of study include: local area; holiday and travel; school; identity and culture; future aspirations; study and work; international and global dimension.  To maximise their potential, students consolidate their use of tenses and use their knowledge of grammar to improve their accuracy and create language.  Students learn how to use and adapt the language to inform, narrate and convince; most of them will start using more complex grammatical constructions to express more individual thoughts and opinions.