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Media Studies


Media Studies is a very important subject, ultimately combining aspects of Politics, Sociology, History, Art, English and Economics. It encourages creativity, teaches analytical skills and introduces students to critical ways of thinking about the world around them.  These qualities are highly valued by universities and employers.  Moreover, the subject equips pupils with the skills necessary to survive and thrive in a media saturated society.

Students will study and produce texts across a range of media platforms including but not limited to broadcasting, e-media, print, documentary, film fiction, sport and news.  This study is coupled with theoretical analysis that covers areas such as semiotics, genre theory and audience theory.  The range of material covered on the course ensures that students gain an all-round appreciation and understanding of various aspects of the media.

Year 10

We follow the AQA specification.  Throughout the first year of the course, pupils will examine and produce a range of media texts, applying newly acquired media terminology/theoretical principles.  Pupils will be equipped with a vast range of analytical approaches rooted in the four areas of the theoretical framework:

  • media language
  • media representation
  • media industries
  • media audiences

Students will study a range of media texts, including but not limited to the following media forms:

  • audio-visual forms (TV, film, radio, advertising and marketing, video games and music video)
  • online forms (social and participatory media, video games, music video, newspapers, magazines, advertising and marketing)
  • print forms (newspapers, magazines, advertising and marketing).

 Year 11

In the second year of study students will continue to build upon the solid foundations they forge throughout Year 10.  Pupils will begin considering and preparing for the demands the GCSE examination.  Coupled with this is the preparation and submission of the non-exam assessment in which pupils produce a statement of intent and a media product for an intended audience.