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Art KS3


Art is studied by all students in Key Stage 3 and as an option subject in Key Stage 4.  The aim is to provide an art and design education which promotes inclusion and a high level of achievement for all.  Students are encouraged to develop ideas and experiment with media and techniques, acquire stills and work creatively and intelligently to gain knowledge and understanding of their own and other artists’ work.  This encourages students to develop an appreciation of art, craft and design in the wider world and its role in the creative and cultural industries that enrich their lives.

Year 7

  • Project based work – we aim to complete three projects, one each term.
  • Introduction to art and design – mark making, exploring a variety of media & techniques (wet & dry media).
  • Pattern & marking – ceramic techniques & glazing, various artists.
  • Symmetrical design & watercolour painting/William Morris and the arts & crafts movement.

Year 8

  • Project based work – we aim to complete three projects, one each term.
  • Pupils will begin by exploring ‘identity’.
  • Observational drawing – self-portraiture/various artists & cultures – HB & shading pencils
  • Colour theory- Henri Matisse & Fauvism.  Fauve style self-portrait, colour palette reflecting emotions/personality.
  • Third project – ICT or 3D.

Year 9

  • In their option year students experience more independent projects, working to a brief and exploring the world of artists/crafts people & different cultures in more detail.  They will be expected to become more independent learners & practitioners employing personal, learning and thinking skills.
  • Project based work – we aim to complete three projects, one each term.  Year 9 projects are based on GCSE criteria covering both fine art and design projects (designing for a client).
  • Working to a brief – designing products aimed at teenagers.  Exploring teenage issues and researching Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Banksy, Manga, Lucy McLaughlin, Graffiti art, Tattoos & Day of the Dead.
  • The Expressionists – research the German Expressionist artists – context and art work.  Outcome – printing.
  • Gargoyles – drawing using graphite pencil exploring tone and form.  Outcome ceramic gargoyle.
  • Practical work, discussion & assessment are built into all projects at KS3.

The new GCSE places more emphasis on annotation and drawing.  Pupils will develop their drawing skills during KS3 and have an observational drawing test each year.

Pupils will learn to assess their own work and that of other pupils.  They will also learn to analyse and give personal opinions about the work of other artists using subject specific keywords which will prepare them for KS4.