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Art Design & Photography KS4

Year 10

  • The AQA exam board.  The Art & Design and Photography GCSE’s begin with a teacher led project; we then progress to a past paper for the mock exam to gain independence before the GCSE exams in Year 11.  Techniques and skills acquired in KS3 are developed and refined.  The new GCSE places more emphasis on drawing and annotation for both Art, Craft & Design and Photography.
  • Art & Design - Students will produce practical and critical/contextual work in one or more area(s) including drawing and painting, mixed media, sculpture, printmaking, photography and ICT.
  • Photography – Students will produce a range of practical and critical/contextual work using digital photography, darkroom skills & ICT.

Year 11

  • Students will experience a variety of practical experiences covering the four GCSE attainment objectives.  We work with creative practitioners & arts organisations whenever possible.  Exam paper distributed in January/exam April.
  • Students will study a wide range of media and techniques in both two and three dimensions and lens based media.  They will explore ideas, gaining knowledge and experience in order to themes in personal directions and to pursue creative and personal outcomes.  Everyone will keep a sketchbook, which will include artwork, written pieces, annotations and experiments with media and ideas.
  • Students will also look at the different approaches and styles in Art, Craft, Design & Photography through history and in different cultures.  They will be encouraged to make critical judgments about this work and make connection to the themes set.  Projects are based on past GCSE papers; mock exam in Year 11 will be a question from the previous year’s GCSE exam.